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Music industry contact list

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Pitching a Song For A License Deal

Pat has worked deeply within the music industry for the past 10 years and making a nice, steady figure income from releasing his music the right way.

There are many ways to develop a musical vehicle that will take your songs to the right places, but there are techniques that are proven to be successful.  If you order now, you'll gain access to our guide to successfully pitching a song for a license deal that will get you paid for your hard work.  Timing is important and competition is fierce. Now is the time to separate yourself from the competition.

Networking Techniques That Get Results

Everybody needs a network and the demand for business continues to grow every day... but everybody hates wasting time! This leaves endless opportunities for you to maximize your time, skip the unnecessary traps, and get straight to work growing your career.

Without the knowledge of what to say and how to say it, you greatly limit your chance at nailing an opportunity the moment you find yourself presented with it. Maximize on every opportunity. Networking can be fun and powerful!

Learn how to build powerful connections that will get you access to GATEKEEPERS! Learn how to not get stuck behind the middle man so that you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

How To Call Major Record Labels & Publishers

Record labels can have tons of red tape to get through.

We spoke with 12 record label managers to find out what it is that they're interested in hearing when they receive a call.  We have the info and we've got you covered!

Pat's guide on How To Call Major Record Labels & Publishers will guide you through the often intimidating conversations involved in getting a foot in the door.

Learn how to have your affairs in order before you call.  Know the facts, know your numbers, know their goals and how you fit into them!

Purchase THE LIST today and immediately get access to these bonus offers.  With these guides, you will know EXACTLY how to get the most out of THE LIST.  We have combined information gathered from over a dozen high level industry managers and directors to develop these guides for your success. Get a head start on the competition.  We've got you covered.


"How in the world did you find all this information!  I got my first call back today and i'm so excited about tomorrow.  In person is so much better than trying to convince a talent scout through YouTube."

- Mujoshia Lewis

Real reviews from real people

Only $997.97

One-Time Payment

This is a one-time purchase.  There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.

"Don't wait for shipping! Instantly download your copy after payment."

Ready to Start Moving? Join the small group of industry elite that have this information.  Know what it feels like to have the VP of Bad Boy Entertainment programmed in your phone.

Directors of Business Affairs

Directors of Recording Administrations

World Class DJs

Contract Administrators



Managers of Business Affairs



A&R Administration

Plus Many More

Record Label Chairmen

In Addition To The List and Guides, You'll Also Get:

Get lifetime support from our other Music Industry experts.  Receive all the help you need to bring your batteries back to life again!

Receive lifetime updates on The ListTM and bonus guides (for free!).

You will be able to view your copy of The ListTM and step by step guides on your smart phone or tablet.  Now you can take our guides with you anywhere you go!

Free access to our battery reconditioning information vault with free articles, guides and downloads.  The information in this vault will turn you into a "music industry networking expert"!

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Updates

Mobile Friendly

Information Vault

"Don't wait for shipping! Instantly download your copy after payment."

One-Time Payment

Only $997.97

To get moving, click the Add to Cart Button Right Now!

This button will take you to our secure checkout page that James and I created to get basic information.

Then you’ll be INSTANTLY given access to THE LISTTM. Let me say that again.

In 45 seconds, you can have the contacts to the industry’s heavy hitters.

People who’s names we can’t even tell you publicly.

Companies like Bad Boy, Def Jam, Arista, Interscope and hundreds more.

Completely yours.

In addition you’ll also get our full 100% Satisfaction Money back Guarantee.

Follow our instructions for 30 days and see if you aren’t making connections.



Imagine... within 45 seconds you'll have access to information that it took years to acquire through our connections.

Years of school

Years of music theory study

Years of Networking

Time is Money



With your small investment into this report you’ll save potentially years of effort.

The choice is yours. How much have you sacrificed to get what you want? I think you know exactly what its going to take.

Click the “Add To Cart” button below and we’ll see you at the top.

*Click The Add To Cart Button Below NOW to Get Started*

Order Here

Only $997.97

One-Time Payment

"Don't wait for shipping! Instantly download your copy after payment."

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